An Italian Job (Lot) – Birra MezzoPasso

I’ve underestimated Italians in recent years. Not all of them of course. I’ve watched their football, eaten their food, worn their clothes (although not that often as they are too bloody expensive) and when I’ve been really, really pissed off I like to think I’ve gesticulated wildly like one too.

But to my discredit as a craft drinks enthusiast I’ve largely overlooked their beers. But not any more – because if my recent haul of Italian beers is anything to go by I need to jump on a plane and get over to the Bel Paese pronto!

Birra MezzoPasso produces a strong range of high-octane beers (Italian craft beers tend to be pretty punchy) and so far (I haven’t tried them all) my pick of this impressive bunch is their limited edition Autobahn Serial Hopper #7. It’s not the hop juice Ferrari most people expect these days but more a Fiat 500C with the sports package and vintage alloy wheels. It has a retro touch of mandarin and fresh grapefruit peel and a perfectly balanced bitter finish that would have been considered eccezionale before the haze craze.