Out From The Void – Burning Sky x 3 Floyds

Every now and again a beer comes along that is so shockingly different that it reminds you no matter how many brews you try in your life you’ll never truly be able to say you know what beer is.

Burning Sky and 3 Floyds – Out From the Void Barley Wine is one such beer. An English style barleywine dosed with Sussex-based Burning Sky’s house yeast and a dash of Brettanomyces for good measure and then aged in sauternes wine barrels with vanilla pods and cacao nibs.

It’s spectacular, mold-breaking stuff and I’m in awe at how they managed to tame the wild yeast just enough so it didn’t rip apart a beer as sweet as this but instead managed to leave behind the faintest imprint of farms and fields on a beer layered  with white chocolate, marmalade and almond flavours.

Even now, a day after trying it for the first time, it’s making me question whether I dreamt it up. A ‘brettleywine’? Can beer do that? Is Out From the Void making me go Out of my Mind?