DayTime IPA – Lagunitas

It’s that time of the year in northern Sweden when the temperature starts creeping up above freezing and the snow slumps like the shoulders of someone who has just been told the bell for last orders was rung a minute before they arrived at the bar.

A time when the smelly deposits of countless dogs over the winter months, which until now have been concealed by layers of fresh snow, begin to reveal themselves as the gritty snow thaws.

But there is one dog that doesn’t give a shit – this DayTime Fractional IPA from the canine-crazy Lagunitas Brewery Company in California. At 4.6% it’s not got a lot of bark but does have a pleasant hoppy bite. Unlike some of the rottweiler beers this brewery has reared this is a puppy in comparison. But like any puppy it’s pretty cute and worth playing with from time to time.