Regency Effect – Magic Rock

Pine trees. More pine trees. A lake. Trees. A strange sounding village made up of disintegrating red wooden houses called something like Glommersträsk – population 17). More Trees. An elk. Trees. A petrol station and kebab/pizza restaurant. Another lake. More trees.

And there you have it – pretty much everything you’ll encounter on a typical drive through northern Sweden.

So imagine if you could scoop most of that up and wring it into a beer glass and you’d be getting close to the taste of this outstanding contemporary collab IPA from Magic Rock Brewing and Buxton Brewery, which despite being billed as west coast should really be renamed a norrland IPA because of the amount of resinous pine flavours it embraces.

It’s about as close to chewing on a pine tree as you can come, while the rye adds an interesting rustic backbone and the cryo citra hops lend just enough tropical fruit to stop it straying too far into ‘juice’ territory.